For the year 2020-21, we will be delivering three distinct streams of activity. They are as follows:
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This is mentoring as we know it. It will be similar to the programme we have successfully delivered throughout the last 5 years but with adaptations put in place to ensure that we work in accordance with Welsh Government guidelines for the current context. Flexibility will be central to this and to ensuring continued delivery regardless of circumstances. We will ensure that our model is low burden and maximizes the relationship the teacher has with the mentor to support their daily activity. Mentoring will take place in both the autumn and spring terms and will delivered online. Mentors will also be tasked with providing you with small multilingual and multicultural activities that you can use independently with your learners.

Please contact Glesni Owen for more information.

Why choose Us?


This will be an opt-in opportunity for those schools who run A Level MFL classes. The project will consist of lectures, seminars, and language classes to prepare students for university life, as well as give them an opportunity to practice their language skills with university mentors. These will be run during the week and on weekends – all online. This will be based on the project delivered over a 12-week period April-August 2020 (click here for further information)

Please contact Becca Kirkby for more information.

Why choose Us?


We understand that the upcoming year might be causing worry and stress for many teachers, and we want to help. For the upcoming year we will have a stream of work dedicated to creating teacher resources. We will be creating resources to support both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 pupils. These will be made available to you via MS Teams.

Please contact Becky Beckley for more information.