Since the project began in 2015 we have delivered a variety of different events and activities. These have included:
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(2018-2019) The Digi-languages project was designed to provide-mentoring opportunities to schools which had been unable to access face-to-face mentoring due to their remote location. Using Hwb, the project was able to blend digital learning with face-to-face mentoring for a fully interactive learning experience.
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One-day workshops

(2018) Two One-day workshops bringing Languages together with Art, Science and Identity Studies.

The whole day was a huge "Gate" open to the world. Students blossomed throughout the day and their engagement grew stronger as we moved from one session to the next. The exploration of skills through the use of languages was a great success and my students are leaving thinking "Languages are so much more than I thought, languages can fit in anything that we do". Thank you for the most inspiring workshop I have ever taken students to! They have been wooed and are grateful for the opportunities. Many, many thanks.”

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Oxford University

(2018-2019) At the end of March 2018, pupils, teachers and mentors taking part in the MFL Mentoring Project attended a 2 day residential course in Oxford where they reflected on their language learning journey in order to further build their language skills.

12 Undergraduate students from Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff, Oxford and Swansea Universities, 40 pupils from Mid-Wales and 12 teachers from South and East Wales participated.

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Mentoring with Erasmus students

(2018-2019) In collaboration with academic staff at Cardiff University School of Modern Languages, students studying at Cardiff University as part of their Erasmus programme were invited to take part in placements at local schools. In total, over 20 students have participated over the last 2 years that this project has run.

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International Partnerships

(2018-2020) A collaboration with the Regional Government of Castilla y Leon, 8 mentors have been trained to deliver mentoring in primary and secondary schools in Valladolid, Spain. Find out more about what our mentors had to say about the experience.

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Brussels visit with WHEB

(2018) A group of mentors from across all partner universities, the project team, project partners and the Physics Mentoring Project all travelled to Brussels to support the promotion of innovation happening in Welsh Universities. In partnership with WHEB, everyone was invited to attend the St. David’s Day celebrations at the Ambassador's Residence in Brussels and we made the most of the opportunity to provide some enhanced training to our mentors. Take a look at what one of our mentors had to say about the experience

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Language Horizons

(2018-2020) Language Horizons began in 2018 following the success of its sister project in Wales: MFL Student Mentoring Project. In its first phase (2018-2019) it was a partnership between the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. In the larger subsequent phase (2019-2020) it grew to include also The University of Warwick and Coventry University.

The project was a partnership between universities and local secondary schools which links university students up with pupils making their GCSE option choices. The project is funded by the Department for Education with the core aim of increasing the number of pupils in England taking languages for GCSE. It therefore only works with pupils who are unsure about continuing with MFL. Over half of the pupils who take part in the five-week programme then go onto to take MFL for GCSE despite their prior uncertainty.

Language Horizons uses mentoring methodology to create a learner-centred relationship that provides space for questions and exploration in order to build confidence and signpost opportunities for learning. Mentoring is a different practice to teaching with the mentor playing a unique role in the life of the learner. The mentor's goal is to help mentees form their own views, develop different perspectives and grow as a person. Though mentoring and teaching often overlap, with the teacher acting in the role of a mentor and vice versa, it is useful to think of both practices as distinct and situated along a continuum of engagement.

Funding for Language Horizons ceased in August 2020.

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One-Day workshops

(2019-2020) MFL Mentoring ran two one-day workshops in December, one at Aberystwyth University and one at Cardiff University. Three schools that were local to each university were invited to attend the workshops that focused on challenging pupils’ perspective on languages through a variety of different activities. The overarching theme for the day was Belonging. Pupils were encouraged to think about what it means to be Welsh and different hospitality rituals from around the world, and the variabilities and similarities in and between different cultures.

Both workshop days incorporated the Welsh language into the activities, with the Cardiff University workshop being run completely through the medium of Welsh. Mentors from the MFL Student Mentoring Project delivered the workshops and the content was bespokely created by the project team. We were lucky enough to involve student mentors from all four partner universities- Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff and Swansea, with some travelling long distances to help out for the day.

The schools were each invited to bring 10 pupils to the workshop days. The day consisted of a welcome talk to welcome the schools to the universities and to kick of the days events by asking pupils to reflect on their own place in a global world and what they already know about other cultures and peoples. Pupils then rotated around three different workshops- Multilingual Belonging, What is Wales to Me?, and Finding my Place. Each session lasted approximately an hour. All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day, and feedback was positive from teachers, pupils and mentors.